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View & retrieve your MSI statement files online.

VuMSI: What is it for?

If you are using commercial billing software such as MOM or Accuro, your software routinely downloads statement files from MSI and makes it available to you in some fashion.

The problem is that MSI statement files are generated as old-style print-outs suitable for output to a wide-tray dot-matrix printer.

In addition, MSI issues only one file per submitter ID, which might correspond to dozens of physicians. Someone then has to load this file into a word processor and manually split it to generate individual statement files for each doctor.

In today's world of mobile computing, physicians expect better.

VuMSI is an automated service that retrieves this raw information directly from MSI, splits these large data files into individual files for each medical practice, re-paginates them appropriately and converts them to PDF format so they may be read on your computer, cell phone, or tablet computer.

As a subscriber, you can also download these files to your own PC and send them to your local printer if desired.

How do I use it?

Just point your Web browser to vumsi.ca using either a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet computer and login with your VuMSI login ID and password.

All communications are encrypted (including passwords), so you can safely use VuMSI anywhere you have Internet access: at the office, at home and even on the road.


Once logged in, you will see a list of statement files for your medical practice or organization.

Single practitioners will see only their own statement files while multi-physician clinics or medical centres will be able to select statement files for every doctor in the organization.

Simply click on any line to bring up that statement file in PDF format. You can then optionally download it or print it to your local printer.

Optionally, you may select multiple statement files to be viewed, downloaded or printed all at once by checking the checkboxes next to the desired files and clicking on "View Selected Files".


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