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Image Management for MOM

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What Is This About?

It's about going paperless.

If you use MOM ("Medical Office Manager," a software product from Benneworth Advanced Systems), you know that it can store patient charts, lab reports and test results as images in a patient's record and display them on-screen.

The only problem is, you have to scan them into MOM manually, which is a tedious and time-consuming process.

VuFax is a Web-based service created and marketed by CottageDATA to capture these documents directly from your fax machine as they come in — without printing them — and to view, sign and annotate them right on your screen, and then file them into MOM without scanning them. No paper!

How Does It Work?

The operating concept is quite simple: You are already receiving documents in electronic form (faxes), so why print them just to later convert them back to digital form by manually scanning them into MOM?

With VuFax, your fax machine stores all incoming faxes on your MOM server instead of printing them. Your server then uploads a copy of these faxes to our VuFax server where they are broken down into their component pages. The original fax is retained in archive on your system. This is all done automatically, without human intervention, while you're busy doing other things.

Note that because image processing is a CPU-intensive task which requires lots of memory, specialized software and very fast disk drives, we do all the processing on our powerful server, located in a secure data centre, instead of on your own MOM system.

When you are ready to handle today's faxes, you simply click on your VuFax icon, enter your login ID and password over a secure encrypted connection, and you then see all those pages on your screen. You can then sort them into virtual "baskets," one for each physician, much like you would sort email from your inbox.

Each doctor can then view and electronically sign the pages that relate to their own patients. They can also add notes and directions for their administrative staff right on the page. Any page that has been annotated by a doctor will be viewable in a separate screen for action by the appropriate administrative staff.

When all appropriate signatures and actions have been taken care of, users may then file those pages against the patient's record in MOM. At this point, VuFax returns the signed and annotated pages to your MOM server and places them in the appropriate patient record. You can then view them in MOM in the usual way.

VuFax does not keep those images; they are stored on your MOM system, just as if you had scanned them in manually. No images remain on the VuFax server permanently.

What's In It For You?

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