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View MOM ("Medical Office Manager")
Chart Notes on your Phone or Tablet

You already know that MOM can store chart notes,
lab reports and test results and display them on-screen.

VuChart lets you view these same notes and images
AND create new chart notes

Just point your Web browser on your mobile device to vuchart.ca and login with your VuChart ID and password.

For added security, We make sure we only allow logins from devices we recognize as belonging to you.

You can search for patients by name, health card number or MOM patient ID.

You can walk from one exam room to the next with your tablet or smart phone and never need to login to MOM from a computer.

VuChart will bring up the selected chart notes for your review, including all images you may have scanned in for this patient.

You then have the option to add new notes to their chart, all from your mobile device.

You can even dictate your notes if you have a voice-enabled device such as an Android phone or tablet.

And since all communications are encrypted, you can safely use VuChart anywhere you have Internet access, even from home.

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