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Pricing & Terms

Subscription Fees and Payment Method

The Vuchart service is available on a subscription basis at $12.95/month per physician. To minimize the administrative burden for all concerned, the service is invoiced annually, prorated to April 1st.

Support for Multiple Users Within Same Office

VuChart can be used by any number of physicians within the same office simultaneously, accessing the same MOM system, provided that each user has purchased his/her own subscription to the service.

Each subscriber is assigned a unique login ID and password. These login credentials may be shared with other users (such as two physicians working different shifts) but only one user may be logged in at a time under the same user account. If multiple physicians need simultaneous access, each one requires his/her own subscription.

No Setup Costs

Some software must be installed and configured on your local MOM system to communicate with VuChart. This setup is implemented free of charge when you subscribe to the service.

There is no special configuration to implement on your network or firewalls because your own system calls the VuChart server, not the other way around.

Canceling Your Subscription

You may cancel the service at any time without penalty; the unused portion of your paid subscription will be refunded in short order. Simply contact us at 902-835-4994 if you wish to terminate your subscription.

How to Sign Up

To subscribe to VuChart, contact CottageDATA at 902-835-4994 or email us at info@cottagedata.com.