Privacy Policy - CottageDATA Inc.

CottageDATA Inc. does not collect or gather any personal information on this site and does not create or read cookies.

Visitors have the option to leave comments or send email messages to the author of this site and they may optionally provide contact information as part of this process if they wish to receive a reply. Such contact information, when provided, will not be shared with, or sold to, any third-parties and will be used solely for the purpose of corresponding with the visitor in relation to their queries or comments.

This site does gather statistics regarding visitors and pageviews through tools provided by Google. These tools provide aggregate demographic information regarding the geographical location of visitors, their language, which pages they visited, etc. However, no identifiable or personal information is gathered in this process. As a result, CottageDATA does not use, share, or disseminate any personal information about its visitors.

CottageDATA Inc. may run advertisements on the site through processes and methods implemented by Google. By clicking on these ads, the user assumes all responsibility for information that may be gathered by Google or by the ad sponsor, and acknowledges that CottageDATA Inc. has no control over these matters and shall not be held liable for privacy issues resulting directly or indirectly from the user's decision to click on an ad. Google's privacy policy is available here.