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Off-site Backup Solution



OBS: Off-Site Backup Solution

CottageDATA offers a cloud-based backup service for servers and workstations, featuring:


OBS Brochure User Manual (Windows) User Manual (Linux)

Internet backups are today's modern solution for busy offices who would rather concentrate on running their business than worry about computer issues.

For more information, or to subscribe to the service, please call CottageDATA at 902-835-4994 or email a note to: info@CottageDATA.com.

Standard Pricing (for one computer)

Up to 4 GB:
The most common subscription level for a Linux office system.
4 to 10 GB:
The most common subscription level for a Windows PC.
10 to 100 GB:
Typically used for larger office servers, either Linux or Windows.
100 GB to 1 TB:
Typically used for department-size servers with high volumes of images, sound files and video.

Generous Multi-System Discounts

The above table applies to single computers within a single home, office or organization. If you have 2 or more systems to back up, a 50% discount is applied to all but the largest system.

For example, if you have a large server and 3 smaller PCs to back up, the server will be charged at the regular price and the 3 PCs will each be charged at 50% off the standard rate for their size.

Commercial multi-client systems

If your server provides web hosting or application hosting for multiple clients, the fee is calculated using a formula which takes into account the added liability and administrative load incurred by this multi-client situation. Please contact CottageDATA for a quote customized to your specific needs.

*MOM is Medical Office Manager, a medical billing system marketed by Benneworth Advanced Systems Ltd., Nova Scotia.