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The Physician's Viewing Module

Each physician can access his/her own "pile" of documents on-screen, after identifying him/herself with a valid password.

As in the Sorting Module, each page can be viewed by simply hovering the mouse pointer over the corresponding thumbnail image.


Clicking on a thumbnail causes the corresponding page to be graphically altered with an electronic signature and date-stamp.

Pages that have been signed are eligible to be filed against the patient's record in MOM using the Filing Module (described further on). However, until a page has been signed, the software assumes that it has not yet been viewed by a physician and it will not allow the page to be filed away, thus avoiding oversights.


If desired, the physician may attach one or more special notes to the page and may also enter free-form typed notes to record comments or request that a specific action be taken, such as referring the case to a specialist.

Documents that have been annotated this way are automatically sent to a special "Action" basket where a staff member will read the note, take appropriate action, and then flag the document as having been taken care of (details on the next page).

Until this is done, the software will not allow the page to be filed away, thus ensuring the required action has been taken.

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