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The Main Screen

The VuFax Main Screen is your starting point. Select the function you wish to access by clicking on the corresponding button.

The first operation is to visually examine the faxes that have been received and to assign them to each physician. This is equivalent to manually sorting the paper faxes and creating separate piles for each physician to review.

To start this process, click on Sort Incoming Faxes.


The Sorting Module

VuFax opens up your faxes and displays them on-screen as a string of thumbnail images. Hovering the mouse pointer over a thumbnail image instantly displays the full image on the left.

Each doctor at the clinic has his/her own "in-basket" for incoming reports. A staff member simply drags the images to the appropriate physician's basket to sort the incoming documents by doctor, creating individual "piles" for each physician.


If a page has been received upside-down or sideways, VuFax makes it easy to rotate of flip it around so that it may be viewed properly. Simply right-click on the icon to bring up a menu of options.

This is all done on-screen, without any paper being printed or scanned.