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Pricing & Subscriptions

The VuFax service is available on a subscription basis starting at $79/month for one doctor, with significant discounts for additional doctors as per the following chart:

Monthly Fee Clinic Total Avg Cost per Phys.
First doctor: $79 $79/month $79/month
2nd doctor: $59 $138/month $67/month
3rd doctor: $44 $182/month $61/month
4th doctor: $33 $215/month $54/month
5th doctor: $25 $240/month $48/month
6th doctor: $19 $259/month $43/month
7th doctor: $14 $273/month $39/month
8th & up: $10 As per number of doctors


The service is invoiced either quarterly (four invoices a year) or annually, at your option. You can also opt for automated credit card payments on a monthly basis for greater convenience.

Setup Costs

Some software must be installed and configured on your local MOM system to work with VuFax. These modifications are made free of charge when you subscribe to the service.

There is no special configuration to do on the users' PCs; VuFax is accessed from an ordinary Web browser. However, since VuFax handles a large number of image files, we recommend using Chrome as the browser of choice for VuFax because its design makes it more efficient than other browsers in this type of application.

The VuFax subscription fees above do not include any user training or technical assistance for setting up your fax equipment, creating icons or bookmarks on user workstations, or configuring home computers for secure access to the service. However, techical assistance is available from CottageDATA at our regular hourly rate for services.

System Requirements

MOM Server

To use VuFax, you must be using a Linux-based MOM server (any version of Linux and any release of MOM). There is no need to upgrade your hardware or software on the MOM server.

VuFax is not available for the Windows-based version of MOM which is rarely used anymore.

If you are unsure whether or not your MOM installation is supported, please call or email CottageDATA to find out.

Fax Equipment

Your fax machine must have the ability to store incoming faxes as computer files to either your Linux server or one of your Windows PCs. If you are unsure whether your equipment has this capability, please contact us and we will work with you to find out.