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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download an app?

No, there is no need to download an app to access VuChart. All you need is to point your Web browser to vuchart.ca and sign in with your VuChart ID and password.

Is my MOM system supported?

Almost certainly. VuChart can communicate with all server-based MOM systems running any version of Linux and any release of MOM. The only type of system that VuChart cannot support is the old Windows-based version of MOM which is no longer marketed. If you are unsure what type of MOM you are using, please call CottageDATA at 902-835-4994 and we will help you determine this.

How does VuChart access my MOM system?

Actually, your MOM system calls the VuChart server to establish a secure, encrypted data connection to your MOM database. When you sign up to the service, we will set up your MOM system with the appropriate software to do this.

Since your system establishes the connection, and not the other way around, there is no need for us to make special arrangements to get through your firewall.

Where is the VuChart server?

The VuChart application resides on a server owned and managed by CottageDATA Inc. and located in a secure data centre in Kitchener, Ontario, with a backup server located in a separate data centre in Montreal, Quebec. Our data centre locations may change over time but you can always rest assured that our servers will be located within secure commercial data centres.

How secure is this system?

Very, very secure.

First of all, all communications are encrypted, both between your device and VuChart (using the HTTPS protocol, the same protocol you already use for your online banking) and between VuChart and your MOM system.

Second, the server is physically located in a secure data centre, so there is no significant danger of physical breach. Even if the VuChart server were to be stolen somehow, it does not contain any confidential patient information since all this information is on your MOM server, not on the VuChart server, so there would be no breach of your data anyway.

But just in case a malicious user somehow manages to find or guess your login ID and password, we also register various pieces of information about the devices you are using for your VuChart connection so that we will only permit access from devices we recognize as yours.

Specifically, we store information about your device platform (iPad, Android cell phone, PC, etc.), operating system, browser type and version, and screen resolution. For example, if you normally access VuChart using a Samsung 5 smart phone and an impostor attempts to connect to VuChart using your correct login ID and password from an iPad, he will not be allowed to connect.

What if I use multiple devices?

No problem. We can register any number of devices that you use, such as your cell phone, your tablet computer and your office or home computer.

What if I change phone?

If you get a new mobile device and attempt to connect to VuChart, you will get a message stating that your device is unauthorized, like this:.

This is normal and it's for your own protection, as explained above. All you have to do at this point is contact us so that we may add your new phone or tablet to the list of authorized devices. For your convenience, the message features an email link to send us this request. If we recognize your email address, we will authorize your device immediately and inform you by return email. If we have any doubt about the legitimacy of that request, we will contact you by phone to confirm.

Do do I sign up?

Simply contact CottageDATA at 902-835-4994 to subscribe to the service. You can also email us at help@cottagedata.com.

How much does it cost?

Please see the Pricing tab for subscription prices and payment terms.